Září 2009

Dream or nightmare

25. září 2009 v 16:19 citové básne
toto je básnička,ktorú som napísala vo Švédsku,keď sa mi naivne zdalo,že mám šancu u jedného cool jednica...hahaha

Again is something going on in my head
And I am starting to be paranoid and worried
that it is gonna end up bad

My heart wants to live
it is asking for permission
but I am getting paranoid and worried
if its possible to fullfill its vission

I am scared to go
And I am scared to stay
I am scared to feel
What if I fail?!

I know what I want,
I know where it is,
I just want to get,
to catch
what I miss.

I can feel whats going on inside
and I am scared cause now I cant deside
anymore, what I should feel
cause my growing heart
started to be too real

Willing to fight to do almost
anything to get its target
hoping than in the end
its not gonna end up on black market!!!