Duben 2009

The fourth time

17. dubna 2009 v 13:15 citové básne
The fourth time was done!
Can you see that?
Or I am really the only one...

Some cold winter appeared
next to me...
that one which I never wanted to see
I am freezing in some sort of way
I am freezing like before again...
I am freezing already for the forth time
I am freezing but willing to stay alive.

Something that meant to me so much
has been taken right infront of my eyes
somethnig what I have been feeling before
has now smaller size...
The rest was dedicated to someone else...
but like before it again makes the sence...
That´s why I am not complaining
I am trying to fit into my new role,
trying to find balance between changes and my own soul.

I will allways be there,
next to you, in the shadow,
not so visible,but wherever you need me,
I will follow...
Whenever you need me,
you know that I am next to you,
To reach shadow with your hand
is the only think that you have to do...

I am allways there...for four different people...with four marks in my heart