Březen 2009

Fu..ed up

3. března 2009 v 22:40
I am so confused
right know
So I am trying
to find out how

How should I go futher
I dont care if it will be harder
I am willing to take the risk
but the pain cant persist

The questions are
worse than a knife
It is easier to take
by them my life
If I dont know
the answers by now
I still
have to fight to know how


I feel like in a prison
I am fighting to find that reason
I feel like I swallowed that key
which could set me free

Why I allways fuck up nice things?
Why I allways give to tears the wedding rings?
Why I just cant catch the best around me?
Why when it is here,it just cant see...
See that I care
See that I am scared
...Scared of losing...

Maybe is to late...
I fucked it up again...