Prosinec 2008

Simple christmas memory song

14. prosince 2008 v 12:26 | moja pejka:) smutna,ale paci sa mi |  Moje texty

Threw your black eyes,
to my memory,
is there sunrise,
that I never will see,
Threw your black eyes,
which still hold me,
Is there something,
that I want to see.

Is there anything special,
what I mean to you?
Is there anything past,
that could be still true?
Is there anything special,
in your memory,
that you still want it to be?

Threw the black eyes
of a teddy bear,
I want to have things,
which I think are fare,
Threw the black eyes,
of this christmas gift.
I try to find friend,
who I miss.


podarilo sa mi vlozit aj ako by
som si asi predstavovala melodiu(je to nahrane mobilom a neviem nejak spievat,ale to len pre predstavu)